the “brothers” philosophy

Years ago In Italy, where our roots are established, the concept of family and siblings was extended to neighbours, villagers and friends.

Innovation and technology that someone had access to was shared with everybody.We believe in innovation made of synergies and partnerships that can create value and bring our society forward.

our journey

Since 2014, our talented teams have brought hundreds of digital services and microservices to light. We were founded in Cagliari, Italy as an innvovative start-up with an enthusiastic vision of technology and design applied to solving complex problems.

Over the years, the challenges we have taken on have led us to specialise in the fields of smart cities, digital health and biotechnology research.

The 'Brothers' core team is made up of a lean and agile team of 8 product engineers, strategists, developers and designers who can count on a network of 25+ further technical specialists and a panel of 10+ domain experts.

Our independent, lean and pro-active approach, always accompanied by an instinctive talent for creative problem solving, is one of the characteristics that has always distinguished us in our relations with our clients.


Core-team members


Extended verticals team
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End Users that operated in our systems


Growth in the last 2ys

our focus

We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that help our clients improve their operations and deliver better outcomes.

Whether it's in the areas of Digital Health, Smart cities, or Work transformation, we are committed to working closely with our clients to create customized solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements.

Digital Health


Smart Cities & Digital Sustainability

Work Transformation

the D personality


We believe that every goal is always reachable and that is why we work so hard to achieve it.

We face challenges with curiosity and enthusiasm, always striving for victory without being afraid to adopt new solutions or technologies.

The "can't do" no longer exists in our vocabulary.


We are practical by definition. We seek the most effective and cost-efficient solution, we prefer iteration and continuous improvement to perfection.

We privilege relationships without too many filters, we encourage direct collaboration between professionals.

Agility and common sense must always prevail, rigid procedures only when necessary


We firmly believe that loyalty and honesty must be the foundation of all our cooperation.

By being completely transparent, we ensure that clients can trust 100% our advices and the work we undertake.

We advise clients in an independent and unbiased way while not putting our business targets ahead of what is better for our customers.

From the wonderful Sardinia, Italy a reliable work facility

  • Fiber broadband connectivity
  • Professional grade HD audio and Video Conferencing tools
  • Secured corporate MAC/Notebooks
  • Secure cloud environment and specific SOP for data protection