Digital Experiences for the Life Sciences & Research


We make the work of scientists and doctors more efficient

  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Intranet & Extranets Integration & Creation
  • Project and pipeline management tools
  • Training platforms creation & configuration
  • CTO as a service
  • Product Branding & Identity
  • Scientific animations & motiongraphics
  • Pitchdecks & technical product sheets
  • CRM & Marketing automation flows
  • Infrastructures & Technology sourcing

With Lifedex, we empower scientific institutions, med-tech, and biotech manufacturers by streamlining their IT and communication processes allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, eliminating the need of selecting and coordinating staff or multiple suppliers.

We specialise in accelerating projects with design, software integrations, rapid prototyping by collaborating side by side with the product and research business units or founders.


A trusted consulting partner

For over 15 years, we've been simplifying complex processes and now we are applying our experience in biotech and research through:

expert design
powerful technical solutions

Long-Term Partnerships: With client collaborations lasting over 5 years, we integrate closely with internal teams to enhance innovation while navigating the complexities of technology and design within the biotechnology and healthcare landscape.


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Scientific concepts

deserve clarity

No matter how innovative, a product's value is lost if the general public can't perceive or understand it. An impactful visual language or platform UX not only attracts investors but establishes your brand's promise of quality.

Mastering Efficiency

Let's get straight to it: We're not your typical massive company with an army of employees. Our secret sauce? A small, passionate, and experienced team that makes every minute count, turning every task from initial analysis to quality assurance into tangible results.

Of our customers stay engaged for over 3 years
The end-users served by our digital services
The revenues generated by our apps and bespoke softwares

Quick and sharp.
No baby sitting

We're a team that thrives on action, not formalities. We don't hit the brakes just because a piece of information is missing – we see that as 'baby-sitting'.

Once we've nailed down the key aspects of a project, our engineers and analysts take the initiative. They dive in, gather necessary details, and fill in the blanks themselves. This proactive approach keeps our work moving fast and efficiently.

Smart meetings & holistic approach

We prioritize client and team connections while respecting time, preferring asynchronous video updates to frequent meetings. Our project approach emphasizes the bigger picture, striving to understand the whole system, benefiting both our roles and project success.

Flexible and Lean in management

We have always been rewarded for our incomparable flexibility in adapting to the evolving requirements of the projects by overcoming obstacles with efficient and streamlined solutions.

Subject matter expert board

We  acknowledge our technical expertise has its bounds. To address this, we partner with industry experts, incorporating their invaluable insights. This synergy guarantees our software remains relevant and pragmatically effective.

Specialised in complex subjects

We have proven experience in regulated industries, emphasizing adherence to procedures and certification criteria. Our commitment is to deliver products that combine functionality with legal and industry compliance.

Fast delivery

Our team of engineers is trained to give the maximum in the shortest possible time, always looking for alternative solutions or technologies to meet the target.

Adaptive Billing Schemes

Post our initial discovery session, we tailor our collaboration model to maximize client benefits at lower costs. We support a range of models, including Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), retainer agreements, time and materials, and subscription models. This adaptable approach ensures that we align perfectly with our clients' unique needs and budgetary constraints.

Want to start today?

Starting from 2023, we've introduced a new service tailored for ongoing collaboration without the need of any quotation. We're using low-code platforms, artificial intelligence, and quick development methods to make this happen at a fixed rate. Check out more details on our dedicated page.

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