Bring control of shared mobility back to the city hall


In a bid to streamline shared mobility, a medium-sized city embarked on an ambitious project. The primary goal was to integrate private micro-mobility services (like bikes and scooters) into a central system, enabling city hall to have comprehensive oversight and control. This integration was essential for optimizing urban transport, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring sustainable mobility management. Balancing private micro-mobility operations with public interests posed a significant challenge, requiring a sophisticated technological solution for real-time oversight and effective management.

  • Integration of diverse private micro-mobility operators into a single system.
  • Ensuring real-time tracking and management of all shared mobility resources.
  • Developing a scalable, efficient solution for centralized control without impeding private operations.
  • Establishing a standard protocol for data sharing and service regulation.


We provided the IoT technology for the bike sharing fleet and created a MIDDLEWARE API BASED APP and a MOBILE APP for city operators to act as an asset manager for any private or public vehicle operating in sharing mode within the city. All sharing services were integrated via a single API, and the city’s operators had real-time data on all available and circulating vehicles

  • IoT technology implementation for bike-sharing fleet management.
  • Development of a Middleware API-based app for unified data integration.
  • Creation of a mobile app for city operators to manage all shared vehicles.
  • Standardization of an API for consistent data sharing and regulation of private services.
  • Implementation of LoRaWAN smart lockers for efficient energy consumption.

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  • An API standard was created to enable the proper regulation of private services in the city
  • LoRaWAN ultra low consumption smart lockers were used
  • Status and data of 150+ vehicles were streamed in real time to the City Council
  • Maintenance schedule were improved by the real time status of city owned vehicles

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