Mitigating infection risks at school


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools faced the urgent task of swiftly identifying infected individuals to halt the virus's spread. Yet, the conventional lab testing flow of each single swab posed a problem, taking up valuable time that was in short supply during the pandemic. Adding to the challenge was the financial side of frequent testing, prompting schools and testing facilities to collaboratively seek a solution that could speed up identification processes while easing the time and cost burdens associated with testing analyses.


The implementation of technology in enhancing lives is undeniable. Faced with the dual objectives of mitigating infection risks and managing testing costs, Thermofisher and Oncologica, assisted by Dbrothers, embarked on a pioneering project. This initiative introduced a group testing mechanism specifically tailored for educational institutions, achieving a balance between cost-effectiveness and safety.

This groundbreaking platform is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as real-time data transmission, client-side encryption, and an intuitive dashboard with extensive filtering capabilities. It enables schools to monitor testing procedures comprehensively and assess the risk levels across different areas of their establishment. The platform offers detailed testing charts and class-specific results, facilitating an in-depth understanding of the testing landscape within the school environment.

Furthermore, laboratories benefit from the implementation of cost-efficient pool testing while retaining precise control over the COVID-19 testing process. The prompt visibility of results on the dashboard epitomizes a significant advancement in operational efficiency and fosters enhanced collaboration between educational entities and testing facilities. This integration of technology in the realm of health safety exemplifies a stride forward in the pursuit of safer educational environments during the pandemic.

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  • 1st of kind Pool Testing technique
  • Implemented robust client-side encryption for data confidentiality
  • Proven cost reduction by a significant 30%
  • Enabled instant transmission of test statuses, fostering quicker communication
  • Clear dashboards for easy reporting and outcome overview were created

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