Advanced access control and event ticketing system


In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the FAC "Festival of Architecture" was faced with the daunting task of organizing a live event. Adhering to strict health guidelines and utilising the latest risk data was imperative for ensuring the safety of attendees. This situation necessitated the development of a sophisticated access control and ticketing system, capable of handling the unique challenges posed by the pandemic.

  • The pandemic necessitated stringent health and safety protocols for live events.
  • Efficient crowd management was crucial to maintain social distancing and prevent virus spread.
  • A need for real-time monitoring and control of crowd density in different sectors of the event.
  • The system had to be developed and deployed within a very tight timeframe of two weeks.


We developed an ultra-fast access and ticketing system for them that not only eliminated long lines, but also utilized BigData to calculate risk and track the number of visitors in each sector.

This system, designed within two weeks, also contained an algorithm to prevent overcrowding in the halls and, in the event of an outbreak in a specific area, enabled automatic notification of all attendees.

  • Serverless Architecture with Node.js: Leveraged Google Firebase for a robust and scalable serverless architecture, using Node.js for backend development to ensure high performance and rapid deployment.
  • Frontend Development with Nuxt.js: Utilised Nuxt.js for building a fast, server-side rendered frontend, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the access process.
  • Big Data Integration: Integrated Google Cloud Big Query services for real-time contagious risk data analysis. This allowed for dynamic risk assessment and informed decision-making.
  • Data Visualisation with Google Looker Studio: Employed Google Looker Studio for data visualisation, providing clear, real-time insights into crowd density and risk levels.
  • Automated Workflows with Make (formerly Integromat): Implemented Make for creating automated workflows, ensuring seamless data synchronisation and efficient process management.
  • Risk Scoring and Smart Alarms: Developed a custom algorithm for per-sector risk scoring and smart alarms, to actively manage crowd density and health risks.
  • Automatic Notifications for Health Alerts: In the event of a detected outbreak, the system was capable of automatically notifying all attendees, ensuring swift communication and response.
  • Companion App for Entrance Operators: Created a companion app using Nuxt.js with scanning capabilities for entrance operators, which streamlined the entry process and significantly reduced waiting times.
  • Dymo Badge Printers Integration: Integrated Dymo badge printers for instant, on-site badge printing, facilitating smooth and quick access for attendees.

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  • Deployed in less than 2 weeks
  • Full serverless, Google Firebase Powered
  • Per Sector risk scoring and smart alarms
  • Live contagious risk data services integrated by Google Cloud Big Data Query services
  • Companion app for ”Entrance Operators”

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