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Organisations involved in scientific research or biotechnology often grapple with complex matters which are not straightforward to elucidate to a broad audience without the assistance of visuals, illustrations and animations. The terminology employed by scientists, although seemingly effortless to them, is not comprehensible to the majority of people.


We have created a cost-effective subscription design service to assist the work of scientific societies on a daily basis, helping them to produce publication materials, information sites and conference material.

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  • In just two years, we successfully produced over 2600 executive files.
  • Our scientific supervisory board successfully ensured the accuracy of information and visuals.
  • Our subscription formula allowed organisations to easily and successfully request graphic support on a daily basis without the need for quotes and contracts for each assignment.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology and processes successfully ensured fast turnaround times and efficient collaboration.
  • We have successfully offered a wide range of expanded services, including data analysis and visualizations.
  • We built a long-term partnerships with 80% of customers joined the programme.

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