Streamline the entire cancer patient treatment pathway


Oncologica is a precision oncology testing company that specializes in providing novel treatments for cancer. They offer testing needed to access innovative therapies to treat tumors. The patient experience begins with the exchange of documents, collection of samples from hospitals, and interaction with the treating physician. Oncologica's goal was to provide patients with a testing outcome that allow personalized treatments tailored to their individual needs.

he client was looking for a way to streamline the entire flow of their patient treatment pathway. The existing process was inefficient due to manual document transfers and lacked an effective logistics system for sample collection. They needed a reliable and secure platform that would meet all regulatory compliance requirements.


We designed an ad-hoc platform to track oncology clinical cases that addressed all of the client's needs. The platform was cloud based and fully API based, allowing us to quickly develop it while meeting all audit trails requirements. We provided five different User Interfaces (UIs): Lab Operators, Patients, Clinicians, Clinics and Logistics Operators - enabling easy access to data across all stakeholders involved in the process. Furthermore, we developed email & SMS notifications as well as OTP authentication & file encryption capabilities which helped ensure secure data transfer & storage throughout the entire project lifecycle. Finally, our solution was validated against ISO15189 in less than 3 months while providing cost savings compared to other solutions on the market.

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  • Cloud based and fully API based and compliant to the necessary audit trails
  • Provided 5 different UI: Lab Operators, Patients, Clinicians, Clinics, Logistics operators
  • Project fully validated against ISO15189 in less than 3 months
  • Email & SMS notifications, OTP and file encryption

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