Automated parking & Shared Enterprise mobility


Senior executives at Orange's headquarters were assigned dedicated parking spaces, an important privilege reflecting their status. However, it was observed that these spaces were frequently underutilized due to factors like business travel, transfers, or holidays. Recognizing the opportunity to enhance efficiency and promote a more sustainable work environment, Orange sought a sophisticated solution. They approached our team with a specific request: develop a system to accurately measure the occupancy of executive parking spaces and facilitate their sharing when not in use, thus encouraging a culture of resource sharing and sustainability within the organization.


We have addressed this challenge by deploying a multi-faceted approach:

Real-Time Occupancy Detection:

We integrated an advanced CCTV camera system capable of monitoring the occupancy status of the company's car parks in real-time. This state-of-the-art technology not only provided accurate data on parking space usage but also served as the backbone of our entire solution.

Sharing Platform:

Leveraging the capabilities of our proprietary Playmoove technology, we developed a user-friendly platform for executives. This platform enabled them to effortlessly share their parking spaces whenever they were unoccupied.

To incentivize participation, we introduced a unique rewards system. Executives who shared their parking spots were compensated with diverse bonuses, such as electric vehicle (EV) rentals, access to bike-sharing services, and the use of electric scooters.

Sustainable Micro-Mobility Ecosystem:

The implementation of this project was not just a solution to a logistical issue; it represented the first step towards a broader, more sustainable internal micro-mobility initiative within Orange.

We integrated additional services, such as electric charging stations, to support a wider range of eco-friendly transportation options for employees.

Encouraging Healthy Competition:

To further engage the workforce and promote the adoption of sustainable practices, we introduced a system of rankings. This initiative sparked a positive and virtuous competition among employees, encouraging them to participate actively in the program.

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  • The project laid the foundations for a larger sustainable internal micro-mobility plan
  • Through the adoption of rankings, we created a (virtuous) competition among employees
  • The system included by design the support of other services such as electric charging stations

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