Smart queues for private clinics


In the modern healthcare industry, clinics and health centres often grapple with operational inefficiencies. Key among these challenges are long patient queues, inefficient booking systems, and sub-optimal allocation of staff across departments. Additionally, the lack of an integrated system for man


Our Lifedex team is developing an advanced solution that incorporated a centralized patient registry, an intelligent booking system, departmental work shift management, and emergency handling capabilities. These features, alongside the power of artificial intelligence for analytics, allowed clinics to have a complete view of visit and treatment performance. The solution is designed to identify and address areas of inefficiency, thereby leading to significant operational improvements in clinic management.

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  • Centralized Patient Registry: Simplifies patient management.
  • Intelligent Booking System: Optimizes appointment scheduling.
  • Departmental Shift Management: Streamlines staff allocation.
  • Emergency Handling Capabilities: Enhances response to critical situations.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: Identifies areas for improvement.

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