the Future of AI in Video and Creative Production

In the world of video production and special effects, we're witnessing a thrilling era of innovation, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). A perfect example of this is the recent collaboration with Jacques in the project "Absolve." This venture was more than just a regular project; it was an expedition into the depths of AI's capabilities in video effects (VFX).

The primary ambition was to test if AI-based effects could elevate a cinematic narrative, taking it beyond the traditional realms we're accustomed to. AI, known for its experimental essence, was utilized to craft a visual style distinctly unique from standard 3D rendering.

The project encompassed about 80 VFX shots, each harnessing a mix of various techniques powered by AI. From the use of Stable Diffusion Image 2 Image processing to advanced machine learning tools like Runway for rotoscope, frame interpolation, and even Gen-2 to Luma AI for 3D captures, the project was a melting pot of AI-driven methods. These AI techniques were seamlessly integrated with conventional VFX practices, including 3D surface tracking and liquid simulations.

But here's the catch: the real magic of this project isn't just in how it was made. It's about how these AI-driven effects contribute to the storytelling, making the film an immersive experience. It's a testament to how AI is not just a tool but an evolving partner in creative storytelling, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in film and video production.