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We design, craft and scale complex digital products, online business services, digital brands with minimal supervision and an exceptional outcome

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We've served 100+ digital services, brands, apps contributing to +$500mln in revenues

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What our customers ask us

We rarely respond to a challenge with a NO. On the contrary, most of the time we help our customers realise what they really needed, rather than just executing it.

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We are launching a smart transportation startup, we need product strategy and to build an app

“We need an IT partner to launch our Covid testing platform at scale”

“We are launching a new business and we need a name and a brand

“We need to create a rock solid in-house team for the digital transformation”

“I need a consultancy for my executive team to start working lean and in cloud”

“We want to go Cloud but our internal team is missing the needed knowledge”

“Our platform conversion rate is less than 2% we want to improve the ux”

“We have to integrate our CRM with the digital marketing tool we are using”

“We need to go paperless and digitize all ordering processes

Apps & Digital Services

The full potential of your business with our digital services, tailored to help you scale your goals beyond mere mockups.

Our team of experienced researchers and consultants will work with you to identify the most appropriate development technologies for your concept. Whether you need a custom mobile app, a scalable API or microservices, or support in regulated fields such as science and health.


  • Product Strategy & Service Design
  • Research & consulting
  • Mobile Apps
  • API, Microservices development
  • IA & Data Analysis
  • Experience in Regulated fields, Scientific, Health


List of web development technologies logos Vuejs, Nodejs,Mysql,GoogleCloud

UI/UX & Prototypes
design teams

Expert-driven design and innovation, paving the way to success.

Our design team specialises in turning your concepts into stunning, functional solutions. By working closely with our development team, we ensure timely delivery of high-quality projects, from MVPs to full-scale digital solutions.


  • Mobile / Desktop App User interfaces
  • UX research & Design Sprints
  • MVP prototypes
  • Interface Animations
  • User Journeys
  • Product presentations & pitches


Creative production softwares logos: Figma, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Framer, Webflow

Cloud & Digital

Transform Your Business with Automation and Innovation

Beyond design and development, our services focus on driving operational efficiency and work transformation. Our low-code development, consulting, and internal app solutions help cut costs and automate processes, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


  • Work Transformation
  • Operations Efficency

  • Production, Sales, Marketing Automation

  • Cloud Migrations


List of web development technologies logos Vuejs, Nodejs,Mysql,GoogleCloud
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So far we have translated hundreds of ideas into dozens of rock-solid digital solutions, amazed > 10milion of users with the utmost care in design and ux

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Digital service design and software development are complex subjects, we have been dominating these areas since 2014.

We do not stop at the result but we make sure that we and all third party technologies applied follow the applicable standards to the type of industry without the need for additional external consultancy

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Our operational mantra is to outperform without baby-sitting
Just share with us your brief...and voilà


We have always been rewarded for our incomparable flexibility in adapting to the evolving requirements of the projects by overcoming obstacles with efficient and streamlined solutions.


No matter what the customer asks. The scalability of the proposed solutions is always a given. Ah, also forget any unnecessary ceremony or formalities, we focus on the result.


Our team of engineers is trained to give the maximum in the shortest possible time, always looking for alternative solutions or technologies to meet the target.


Low-code Development

The result is what we care about. No matter whether we wrote 10 or 15,000 lines of code to achieve it

We are experts and knowledgeable in complex technologies, so we have to do everything from scratch right? Nope ! Nowadays it is possible to solve complex business problems, transform data and create deployment-ready automations in less than 7 days.

  • CRM integrations
  • Supply chain automation
  • Digital Marketing flows
  • Chatbots
  • IVR and phone ordering systems
  • Marketing automation
  • Support services flows
  • Conversion tracking systems
  • Automated data migration
  • Logistics integration
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